things to do

  • rena bianca


    We are located 15 km from the sea: wild, unspoiled and off the beaten track beaches in the west, water sports paradise and beaches with facilities – sun umbrellas and loungers – at Porto Pollo and Palau or more fashionable beaches along the Costa Smeralda. In the North, Corsica and the enchanted islands of Archipelago della Maddalena are easily reached by boat.

  • diving


    Unique and spectacular sea beds in the marine reserve of the strait of Bonifacio offer themselves to divers and snorkelers (

  • surf


    For kitesurfing and windsurfing Porto Pollo and Isola dei Gabbiani are a real paradise! (

  • trekking


    Lovers of trekking may enjoy the uncommon, moon-like rocky environment of Capo Testa and Moon Valley and also the Pulchiana monolith and Mount Limbara.

  • natura


    All around, beautiful unspoilt surroundings caracterised by wild olive trees and cork oaks.

  • tradizione


    Genuine, typical food abounds at rural fetes (in the old days the only events for the inhabitants of the region to congregate) and in the more traditional agriturisms.


  • musica


    Some events not to be missed: "Musica sulle Bocche" (music on the Strait) at Santa Teresa di Gallura with concerts by the sea from sunrise to sunset; "Time in Jazz" with Paolo Fresu at Berchidda and the Aglientu Summer Festival.