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Cavalcata sarda and Wine Festival

May is the perfect month to visit Sardinia: besides long sunny days, spring flowerings and deserted beaches, you'll also enjoy the Porto Cervo Wine Festival and the Cavalcata Sarda.

Cavalcata Sarda, (Sardinian Cavalcade. Sassari, 22nd May) is one of the biggest events in Sardinia which doesn't have a religious connotation as all of the other Sardinian festivals do. The event was celebrated for the first time in 1899, when King Humbert I and Queen Margaret of Savoy went to Sassari to unveil King Victor Emanuel II's monument situated in Piazza D'Italia. That day, a spectacular cavalcade took place with three thousand horsemen from all over the province wearing their traditional costumes. The Sardinian Cavalcade in not just a pageant of three thousand people, it's also an exceptional and joyful meeting of people coming from all over the island. They animate the streets with colour and the preciousness of their costumes and decorations, like a magic kaleidoscopic. The event includes horse shows requiring undeniable abilities such as pariglie and ardia. The celebrations go on through the night when Sardinian poetry competitions, chants, typical traditional sounds and dances all take place.
Porto Cervo Wine Festival is the most important wine fair in Sardinia. For three days wine lovers and industry professionals have the opportunity to discover a select number of Sardinian and Italian wine producers and taste their produce. Events, meetings, book presentations, gourmet dinners and the Fashion Wine Walk will animate the village of Porto Cervo giving guests a special occasion in which to savor one of the most beautiful and exclusive destinations in Sardinia.